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Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Aim of AT Series is not to merely display the location of the vehicle on Map, but to provide our customers with bunch of useful data in form of various Graphical Reports to better manage their vehicles. Real time vehicle tracking provides you with detailed vehicle information, including vehicle or driver name, ignition status, location, and directional heading displayed on a full-featured map. This detailed information along with Graphical Reports helps improve business operations by providing valuable insight such as Vehicle travel time Tracking, idle time, mileage etc.

Vehicle Maintenance

AT Series, automated vehicle maintenance provides fleet managers with a hands-free reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events. Automatic alerts / Notifications warn managers of upcoming items needing service, and service reports provide a detailed maintenance checklist for your entire fleet, which includes oil changes, tires, inspections, etc.

GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking

AT Series, fleet tracking systems dashboard gives our customers a quick and easy way to see overall fleet status/performance. Fleet Dashboard helps shows with just one click, a complete graphic summary of whole fleet. This powerful management tool helps our busy customer quickly understand the whole system, increase productivity and reduce costs by highlighting fleet inefficiencies and wasteful practices. It also has option to see individual vehicle performance.

Vehicle Location Tracking Reporting

AT Series, comes with an easy to use control panel to set acceptable threshold limits for Work hours, Engine idle times, Geo Fence, Speed & Mileage. When these thresholds are broken by anyone an alert is sent in real time and the behavior is flagged in our system for later reporting. Our Reporting system is flexible enough to run whenever needed or scheduled to run automatically with the results emailed to any no. of recipients on a daily or weekly basis.

Remote Digital Data Vehicle Management

AT Series, is capable of sending or receiving digital to and from the vehicle. This data includes status of Ignition, Air Condition, Head Lights, Doors Open Close Status, Auto Close doors remotely and Shut down the vehicle Remotely. AT Series helps you easily identify various important parameters such as Reduce unsafe driving, Automatic manual time sheets, Compare high and low performers and Eliminate excessive vehicle idling etc.

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